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Their Words…

What does being an Amandla student mean to you?

“It means I am a student of excellence.” ‑Jakaylah
“It means that I am college bound and I try my best even though it is hard.” ‑Candle
“It means to try my best to achieve and thrive, to never give up, to show perseverance, and to go to college.” ‑Latrell
“It means I’m a student working my way up to college, and that I’m having fun and learning every day.” ‑Joshual
“It means that I am an intelligent kid who will have a successful future.” ‑Demetrius H.
“It means that I respect my team and family members.” ‑Mya
“It means I am a hard worker. I believe in myself.” ‑Tatannia
“It means that I am strong and I am part of something.” ‑D’Antoine
“It means I will try my hardest to be the best.” ‑Tyriq
“It means I should try to be professional.” ‑Jalon

“I go to Amandla, and thus I’m going to college.” ‑Joshual

Their Stories…



Déjà wants to become a teacher after she graduates college. Or maybe a financial advisor. Déjà hasn’t truly decided yet. What is certain is that she is going to college. That has been her dream from the day she started school.

Déjà was attending her local neighborhood school but she knew she needed a different learning environment. At that school, classes were unfocused, chaotic, and rudimentary. Teachers often lost control of the classroom, making it difficult for teachers to teach and for students to learn. There wasn’t an incentive for a student to complete homework assignments or to accomplish academic goals. To accomplish her ultimate goal, Déjà would have to find a school environment that was focused on learning and teaching the essential skills needed to prepare a student for college and to secure her future.

After searching, Déjà and her mother attended an orientation for Amandla Charter School. Déjà enrolled in Amandla Charter School’s first 5th grade class in 2008. Déjà is now performing above grade level in reading and math and she is on track to be college ready by the end of high school. She’s often at the top of class, always being challenged to be her best every day.

Sadly, Déjà story is not unique. Students come to Amandla to have access to a high-quality, rigorous education that prepares them to excel in college and in their professional lives. At Amandla, we provide those educational opportunities one would expect from a private school, within a free public school environment.



Jamal is a very bright 8th grader who is a fan of history, architecture, and loves to read. Jamal is working towards becoming an Architect and wants to graduate from Yale University. He knows that in order to get to Yale he needs a great education.

Before coming to Amandla, Jamal was attending a private school near his home. While the school was providing a quality education for Jamal, attending that school was far too costly for his mother to afford. Jamal and his mother needed to find a school that would provide the academic challenges that would ensure his future at college and beyond. After a search for what Jamal describes as the “perfect place”, they found Amandla. Jamal travels over 25 blocks each way to come to Amandla and he and his mother feels it’s worth the trip.

Jamal believes what makes Amandla great are the teachers.

The teachers at Amandla care about every student and they want us to learn as much as we can every day. Every day we learn to be prepared, respectful, engaged and professional. - Jamal

Jamal uses these lessons to help him be the best he can be and help other students strive to be their best as well.

One of the things that Jamal enjoys about school are the after school activities. Currently, he is a member of the Math Club and Student Council. Jamal believes that the lessons he is learning and his involvement in these activities will give him the essential skills he will need to be successful in life.



Olivia has always had a passion for learning. After spending several years in public school, Olivia’s mother decided that Olivia was not getting the motivation and instruction she would need to exceed in school.

For the next year, Olivia was home schooled, but she missed the interaction with others her age. In search of a better learning environment for her daughter, her mother found Amandla. Olivia came to Amandla as a 5th grader.

While attending Amandla over the last four years, Olivia has excelled in her classes. She credits her success in school to her mother and her teachers. Her mother motivates her to work hard every day. Amandla’s teachers provide Olivia with the tools she will need to excel in high school, college and beyond.

Olivia is looking forward to starting high school and going to college where she will study astronomy. Ultimately, Olivia’s goal is to prove that there is life on another planet or in other solar systems. For Olivia, the sky is not the limit.



Stevenson has a dream of being an NFL defensive tackle after graduating college. It’s a dream that his entire family that includes two brothers and four sisters has embraced. Knowing this, his mother wanted him to attend a school that would challenge Stevenson academically unlike the school he was attending. While it wasn’t an easy decision to transfer him to Amandla, Stevenson has never regretted the move.

When asked what is his favorite subject is, Stevenson will say that Math is cool. He likes figuring out solutions to complex problems. He believes that this will certainly be an asset when he goes on to study Finance in college.

One of the things Stevenson likes the best about Amandla is the school culture. At Amandla, teachers motivate their students to do their best. At his old school, classrooms were overcrowded and chaotic. At times, this environment made it difficult for Stevenson to focus on the teacher and his studies. That’s not the case at Amandla. Classrooms are small and orderly, providing the environment where achievement, engagement and respect are a top priority for teachers and students.

Stevenson has been with Amandla since our first 5th grade class. During his time at Amandla, Stevenson has shown significant growth on his ISAT scores, ensuring that his dream of an NFL career can become a reality.

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