Who We Are

Amandla Charter School is an open-enrollment, non-selective, free public school that is part of the Chicago public school system. Our charter status gives us greater flexibility in our school day and our academic instruction, which in turn allows us to proudly provide a college preparatory education to the students of the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s Southside.

Tuition-Free: We operate on a combination of public funds, grants, and charitable contributions and will never charge our students tuition for providing them the education that they deserve.

Open Enrollment: Amandla is open to all students regardless of test scores, past academic performance, and special needs. We believe all students can learn, and we will never give admission preference to a student based on their grades or scores.

The 2012-13 school year marks our 5th year of operation and our first year as a high school. This year we serve students in 5th through 10th grades. We will continue to expand by one grade per year until we reach full capacity in the 2015-16 school year. At capacity, we will serve students in 5th through 12th grades with approximately 60 students per grade or 480 students total.

Mission: Preparing for College and Beyond

Our mission is to prepare Chicago students for college and beyond through a powerful college prep curriculum beginning in grade five.

Core Beliefs

Amandla was founded by a team of dedicated Englewood public school teachers committed to proving that the neighborhood where a student grows up does not need to determine the student’s chances of future success. These beliefs continue to guide all of our actions and decisions from the classroom to the boardroom. At Amandla, we believe:
    1. All students deserve access to a high-quality rigorous education that prepares them to excel in college and in their professional lives. No high school graduate should be prevented from accessing a college education for a lack of skill or an inadequate academic foundation.
    1. All students can and will achieve academic excellence when they are provided with a highly structured school culture and excellent classroom teaching.
    1. Mastery of the core academic subjects is essential to academic success. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that all students reach fundamental benchmarks at each grade level.
  1. All students have a right to develop a strong ethical foundation as well as the habits and values that support educational and life success. Quality schools guide their students’ character development and engage all school stakeholders in that vital process.

Shared Values

At Amandla, we value:

Scholarship. The first responsibility of an Amandla student is to work hard and learn more, every day.

Community. At Amandla, we work as a team and family. We work hard, we are respectful, and we support each other in making good choices.

Perseverance. When faced with an obstacle, an Amandla student won’t give up.

Excellence. Amandla students show pride in themselves and their work by maintaining high standards in all that they do.

The Amandla Approach

With the vision of helping Englewood students overcome the challenges facing their community, four dedicated Englewood public school teachers designed Amandla Charter School with an academic approach that combines their personal experience teaching in the neighborhood with the proven success of instructional methods developed and tested in similarly troubled areas throughout Chicago and the U.S.
Dedication to a Culture of Respect
Rigorous Academics
Extra Time, Small Group Instruction and One-on-One Tutoring
Data Driven Instruction
Sweatin' the Small Stuff
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Amandla is now accepting applications for 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th grades. Students who enroll at Amandla in 5th-8th grade are guaranteed admission to our college prep high school.

Enrolling is easy! Either submit an application online, or download a pdf form and return it to us at the address provided.

Questions? Just contact us and we will be glad to assist you!