Faculty & Staff

Below please find the names and contact information for all of our faculty and staff. Personnel are listed by grade level and also by role.

5th Grade

Mr. N. Sasso, Social Studies and Science nsasso@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. Q. Wells, English Language Arts qwells@amandlacharterschool.org

6th Grade

Ms. B. Alberts, Sci. Dept. Chair and RtI balberts@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. E. Leinss, English Language Arts eleinss@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. M. Sugrue, Social Studies msugrue@amandlacharterschool.org

7th Grade

Mr. A. DeWitt, Math Dept. Chair adewitt@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. L. Gender, English Language Arts lgender@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. S. Pyrchla, Science spyrchla@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. R. Siegel, English Language Arts Dept. Chair rsiegel@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. M. Wiley, Social Studies mwiley@amandlacharterschool.org

8th Grade

Ms. S. Blasen, English Language Arts sblasen@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. B. Byers, Science and RtI bbyers@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. G. Ingleright, Soc. Studies Dept. Chair and RtI gingleright@amandlacharterschool.org

High School

Mr. A. Alexander, Alegbra I and Advanced Algebra aalexander@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. J. Beckford, Science jbeckford@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. S. Maka, Geometry smaka@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. M. Sims, English msims@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. M. Sugrue, History and PE msugrue@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. M. Wiley, Spanish and PE mwiley@amandlacharterschool.org

Support Services

Mr. D. Aitchison, Case Mgr. and Spec. Serv. Dept. Chair daitchison@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. B. Bennett, Teacher bbennett@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. L. Deverman, Paraprofessional ldeverman@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. A. Elliott, Teacher aelliott@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. K. Flaherty, Paraprofessional kflaherty@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. E. Goldblatt, RtI Dept. Chair egoldblatt@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. J. Haley, Teacher jhaley@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. J. Kelly, Paraprofessional jkelly@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. S. McCord, Teacher smccord@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. L. McCully, Paraprofessional lmccully@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. S. Reimers, Teacher sreimers@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. J. Spears, Paraprofessional jspears@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. C. Strawbridge, Teacher cstrawbridge@amandlacharterschool.org


Mr. G. Boling, Middle School Dean of Students & Families gboling@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. S. Brennan, Chief Operating Officer sbrennan@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. M. Carpenter, Office Manager mcarpenter@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. E. Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer eferguson@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. S. Gallagher, Middle School Principal sgallagher@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. A. Zimny, Middle School Dean of School Culture azimny@amandlacharterschool.org
Ms. J. Kirmes, High School Principal jkirmes@amandlacharterschool.org
Mr. D. McGhee, High School Dean of School Culture dmcghee@amandlacharterschool.org
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