Achievements & Results

Amandla has consistently outperformed comparison schools on measures of [student] performance- Chicago Board of Education (2013)

Amandla students are college bound, work hard, and achieve higher results on ISAT and Explore than other neighborhood school students. Amandla holds students to higher academic standards.

  • FREE, public education for all
  • College preparatory education in the Englewood community
  • Longer school days means more time for learning
  • College preparatory curriculum
  • Safe, structured environment for learning

Student Growth: 1.6 grade levels per year

Amandla's inaugural cohort demonstrates significant gains on the ISAT state assessment each year from 5th to 8th grade.
Amandla's 7th grade students exceed expected growth on the NWEA MAP assessment, a nationally standardized test.

Students enrolled with Amandla for three years make significant academic gains.

In June 2012, Amandla’s inaugural student cohort reached 8th grade graduation. These students started 5th grade averaging an estimated 2 grade levels behind grade level on nationally standardized measures and with only 49% of the cohort meeting state standards on the state ISAT reading exam in that year.

By 8th grade, the students in this cohort averaged 2 grade levels ahead in reading and math on the nationally standardized NWEA MAP assessment, and 88% of the cohort met or exceeded the state’s ISAT reading standards.

This rapid progress is sustained for all of our students. For example, over the the course of the 2010-2011 school year, Amandla’s 7th grade students showed 1.6 years of growth in reading, and 2.1 years of growth in math, as measured on the nationally standardized NWEA MAP assessment.

College Readiness: ahead of the curve

97% of Amandla 8th grade general education students met or exceeded standards on the ISAT exam in 2012.- Illinois State Board of Education (2013)

Amandla students demonstrate their college readiness both in the classroom and on state and national standardized exams.

Amandla’s inaugural student cohort is on-track for college success and is scoring among the top open enrollment schools in the city, as measured by a 2012 ACT test of college readiness.

At Amandla, students take the Explore test in 8th grade. The Explore test is a test typically given at 9th grade designed to predict ACT scores (taken in 11th grade) and, ultimately, college readiness. If compared to the district’s (CPS) 9th grade Explore results, Amandla’s 8th grade results would have ranked us among the top 20 high schools in the district, including magnet and selective enrollment schools (e.g. Walter Payton, Whitney Young, Jones College Prep, etc.).

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